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Guitar Endorsee

Matthew "Mafro" Waters
(Shakka, Ghetts, Bibi Bourelly, Diversity)

"Pattersonic pickups are personal: the sounds are catered to you. Many other pickups are mass-produced, but you can hone in on the sound you want with Pattersonic. Warmth, clarity, brightness: it's all there."

Introducing Rihanna's dedicated European fanbase on tour with opening artist Bibi Bourelly, Pattersonic's inaugural endorsee Matthew "Mafro" Waters unveiled the distinctive Pattersonic tonal resonance emanating from his iconic "Goldie" Stadium model. Since that pivotal moment, Mafro's musical journey has continually soared, propelling Pattersonic guitars to resonate within, for instance, the esteemed confines of Hollywood Records studios. Mafro's artistic odyssey seamlessly intersects with live and televised performances alongside the acclaimed ensemble "Diversity," including their unparalleled presentation at the 2022 Queen's Jubilee Celebrations held at Buckingham Palace, in addition to recurring appearances on Britain's Got Talent. Mafro's musical expedition has encompassed a diverse array of artists, gracing renowned stages such as the illustrious Big O2, the intimate 606 Club, the timeless Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, and numerous other venerated venues. Strapped with Pattersonic's first progeny, Goldie, Mafro's rich tapestry of experiences solidifies an enduring and resonant musical legacy.


World-Renowned Venues Which Have Featured Pattersonic ® Guitars On Stage

Image by Samuel Regan-Asante
Image by Claus Grünstäudl
Buckhingham Palace
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